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    Old Man
    The AT recruiters office aims to find the right person responsible for maintaining the quality of life of your own people and meeting their needs. Our specialized staff provides the best care for the elderly as well as basic home care assistance thus giving them the opportunity to stay home safely avoiding high financial costs and maintaining their independence.
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    Every home is unique and the same is your need for help with your homework. That is why at the AT recruiters office we have specialized staff that follows your own preferred way to carry out their tasks and give you more time for you.
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    Having the right person in the role of babysitter gives you the opportunity to get help with a proper upbringing of the child and at the same time to have free time by taking partial or total responsibility for the homework. The purpose of our office is to select the right staff to inspire confidence and provide your children with care, security and love.
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    Farming, cultivating a property and caring for it are some of the areas we can provide you with so that you can carry out the tasks you will assign.
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    The appearance of the flavor as well as the smell of a dish are some of the tasks of a cook. The cook should treat a dish with love, devotion and in combination with the imagination and appetite the best result will emerge. Finding the right cook is our goal so that your services will leave you a pleasant taste.

AT Recruiters specializes in a personalized selection of human resources offering solutions designed for each customer. The direct response of our office to any request ensures you the right employee for each job.

The philosophy of AT Recruiters and Mrs. Tsitota is understanding and immediate solution at any time and day. In the event that the services of TA Recruiters do not fully meet, we provide a written warranty for writing an immediate solution to the problem without additional cost